I know when I first started out in crochet I struggled with all the different hook sizes, yarn weights (or ply if you live outside the US), and terms. I still do, if I’m going to be completely honest. I frequently need to double check.

I live in Australia, so I am accustomed to yarn ply. It’s very easy to get muddled with all the other yarn descriptors- bulky, super bulky, lace, fingering, worsted, aran etc. What do they all mean? And why does it need to be so confusing?

I have a few different bookmarks on my phone (and pinned on my boards 🙂 ), but none that I found combined what I want on a cheat sheet.

So I’ve collated from both the Craft Yarn Council and Crochet Australia to create the Cheat Sheet to Yarn Weights and Crochet Hooks.

I wanted my hook sizes- both US and metric- with yarn descriptors, along with a tension guide and the type of projects each yarn type is suited to all in one place.

This is a guide only, a quick references for when you’re standing in yarn heaven and decisions need to be made.

Below is the Cheat Sheet, and a download link for the PDF version.

I hope this is helpful, and please don’t hesitate to let me know if there are any other type of “cheat sheets” you need, if anything needs to be added or adjusted 🙂

Happy Crocheting,


Click link below for FREE Cheat Sheet to Yarn Weights & Crochet Hooks

Cheat Sheet to Yarn Weights & Crochet Hooks


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