Welcome back to our Crochet Basic Series, where in this tutorial we will go through how to crochet the mesh stitch.

The mesh stitch is a diamond shaped stitch, created with chain stitches and slip stitches. It has a good stretch to it, making it great for projects requiring some movement to it- a market bag, or a headband (like the Berry Sweet Headscarf). It also just looks really pretty, so is great for tops, sarongs, light scarves, and jumpers.

During this tutorial we will go through the 3 chain version of the mesh stitch.


For this tutorial I am using:

E/3mm crochet hook

superfine/4 ply/fingering/sock yarn


This tutorial uses US Crochet terms.

ch= chain

sl st= slip stitch

sk= skip

The 3 Chain Mesh Stitch

Click here for the video tutorial for the 3 chain mesh stitch.

For the 3 chain mesh stitch, we begin with chaining in multiples of 2, plus 1. For example, 20 chain, plus 1= 21 chain as your foundation.

Following the creation of your chain row,  make your first loop by making a slip stitch in the 3rd ch from the hook.

The slip stitch is made by inserting your hook through the desired chain (or stitch), yarn over your hook, pull the yarn through the chain (or stitch), then pulling that new loop on your hook through the original stitch on your hook. It is kind of like half a single crochet stitch. The first loop will be a little odd shaped looking loop.

Next, ch 3.

Then sk 1 ch, sl st in next ch. So there is one skipped chain stitch under your loop.

The pattern for the row is ch 3, sk st, sl st, ch 3, sk st, sl st, where you are placing your sl st into alternate chains. The last sl st should go in the end ch.

The first row of mesh stitch should resemble the picture below.

The second row of mesh stitch becomes much easier- no worrying about skipping chain stitches.

To begin, ch 3.

Then sl st through first loop, or arch like looking stitch.

Ch 3. sl st into next loop. Repeat until the end of the row.


The last sl st goes into the little odd shaped looking loop from the first row.

Each row from here is the same as row 2. Ch 3. sl st in loop. ch 3. sl st in loop. repeat until end of row.

After a few rows, your mesh stitch should look like this:

It has a good amount of stretch- both ways, but also keeps its shape nicely.

If you are interested in a larger mesh, or diamond shape, stitch then keep your eyes open for upcoming tutorials on how to crochet the mesh stitch in 4 & 5 chain versions.

If you’re looking for a pattern to use this stitch in, check out the Berry Sweet Headscarf. Click below for the video tutorial.

Happy Crocheting!



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