Welcome to the next in our series of Crochet Basics- the double crochet stitch.

During this post we will go through, step by step, how to do a double crochet stitch.

The double crochet we will be working through is the US Crochet double crochet, which is different to the UK Crochet double crochet.

A video tutorial is available if you work better with that visual style.


In this tutorial, I am using:

bulky/ 12 ply/ chunky yarn

J/6mm crochet hook


This tutorial uses US Crochet terms.

ch= chain

dc= double crochet

yo= yarn over

The Double Crochet Stitch

To start, chain as many stitches as you want for your practice piece, plus 3. For example, I want to have 10 stitches in my row, I need to chain 10 +3= 13 chain for my foundation.

To begin, yo.

Insert hook through 4th ch from hook, and yo.

Pull yarn through the first loop on the hook. This will give 3 loops on the hook now.

Yo again, pull through first 2 loops. You will have 2 loops remaining on hook.


Yo, pull through the two loops, leaving one loop on the hook, and your first dc done.


For the next dc: yo, insert hook through next ch.

Yo again, pull yarn through first loop. Yo, pull yarn through first 2 loops.

Yo, pull through the 2 loops, leaving one on the hook.

Continue with this process through each ch st.

The last dc for the row should go into the last ch from your ch row.

The first row of dc should resemble this:

The process of dc in the second row is the same. Except that you’re placing your dc into the stitch of the previous row- instead of a ch stitch. Additionally a series of ch stitches (usually 3) needs to created at the beginning of each new row.

Second row: Ch 3.

Yo, insert hook through next stitch- making sure to pass under both loops of the stitch.

Yo, pull through first loop, leaving 2 loops on the hook.

Yo, pull yarn through the 2 loops. And your first stitch, in your second row, of DC is done.

The first 2 rows of DC should look like this:

I hope you found this tutorial helpful in learning how to double crochet. I’m currently working on some easy beginner patterns using primarily the double crochet, so subscribe to get emailed when they post!

Happy Crocheting!






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