Welcome back to the Crochet Basics Series- and specifically how to crochet the mesh stitch in 4 version.

The 4 chain version of the mesh stitch- or diamond stitch- creates a larger mesh pattern than its 3 chain cousin. The basic practice achieving the mesh stitch is the same, however some of the beginning logistics are different- the number of starter stitches and number of skipped stitches when you start out.


For this tutorial I have used:

E/ 3mm crochet hook

Superfine/ 4 ply/ sock/ fingering yarn


This tutorial uses US Crochet Terms.

ch= chain

sl st= slip stitch

sk= skip

The 4 Chain Mesh Stitch

Click here for the video tutorial for the 4 chain mesh stitch.


The 4 chain mesh stitch requires chains in multiples of 3 plus 1. For example 18 stitches, plus 1= 19 ch as your foundation.

Next step is to place your first sl st in the 4th ch from the hook. The slip stitch is made by inserting your hook through the desired chain (or stitch), yarn over your hook, pull the yarn through the chain (or stitch), then pulling that new loop on your hook through the original stitch on your hook. It is kind of like half a single crochet stitch.

This creates an odd looking little loop.

From here, Ch 4, sk 2 ch, then sl st into the ch following the 2 skipped (so 3rd ch). There is 2 skipped ch under your loop.

Repeat for remainder of row- ch4, sk 2 ch, sl st, with last sl st in final ch for row. The first row should resemble the below:

The second row is much easier- there is no counting skipped stitches.

Second row: ch 4.

Next is sl st in first loop.

Continue for remainder of row: ch 4, sl st in next loop.

Final sl st should be in last loop for row.

The second row should resemble this:

As you can see- the mesh is larger in the 4 chain version (grey) compared to the 3 chain version (blue):


Thanks for following the How to Crochet Mesh Stitch- 4 chain version. I hope you found it helpful!

If you’re looking for a pattern to test out the mesh stitch in a project, check out the Berry Sweet Headscarf– with photo and video tutorial (link below).

Happy Crocheting!



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