Merry Christmas, fellow crocheters!

Looking for a quick, simple Christmas themed beanie?

Then you need to check out the Santa Beanie!

The Santa Beanie is a quick work up project, using 8 ply/light worsted/DK yarn- with a sneaky sparkle threaded through it. The yarn I used in my own Santa Beanie is the Kringle Sparkle 8 ply from Spotlight (please note I have no affliation with Spotlight- I just shop there). But for those of you not living in Australia, there are other sparkly  yarn options available. The trim of the beanie is a chenille yarn, which you don’t need to be super picky about the thickness of- approximately an 8-10 ply, approximately 50m. For those living in Australia, I used the Bella Baby ‘Baby Chenille’ yarn (again- no affiliation).

To get started on your own Santa Beanie either 1) check out the free pattern below, or 2) follow the link to your preferred pattern retailer- Ravelry or Etsy.


Red yarn: 8 ply/ light worsted/ DK- 200m/218 yds

White chenille yarn: approx 8 or 10 ply/ light worsted to worsted weight/DK

Hook: 4mm/G


Yarn/darning needle


The pattern uses US Crochet terms. The abbreviations used in the pattern are as follows:

ch- chain

hdc- half double crochet

st- stitch

sl st- slip stitch

sc- single crochet

The gauge or tension required for this project is 10x10cm/4x4in: 13 rows x 18  stitches in HDC stitch.

Size: The beanie can be made smaller or larger, depending on your preference by adding or reducing the number of red rows. If made to the size pictured, the measurements upon completion are length 28cm/ 11 inches and width 22cm/ 8.5 inches.


Step 1. Red yarn: Create magic ring. Ch 47 from the magic ring.

Step 2. hdc in 3rd ch from hook (counts as first st). hdc in ea ch until end of row. Sl st to magic ring. (44)

Step 3. ch 2. hdc in ea st until end of row. (44)

Step 4. ch 2. hdc in ea st until end of row. Sl st to magic ring. (44).

Step 5. Repeat step 3 and 4 until desired size of beanie reached, end on row completed at magic ring end. Pictured beanie is 62 rows.

Step 6. ch 2. hdc in ea st until end of row. (44) 

Step 7. sl st sides together lining up stitches from last row to ch st from first row. Sl st in ea st. 

Step 8. Tighten magic ring so hole is closed. Sew in all ends.

Step 9. White chenille yarn: sl st white yarn to bottom edge of beanie at seam. sc evenly spaced around bottom edge of beanie. This creates the foundation row for the white trim on the beanie. sl st to oringal ch 2 once full round completed.

Step 10. Crocheted in the round. ch 2. hdc in ea sc st of round, sl st to orginal ch 2 to join end of round to beginning.

Step 11. Repeat step 10 -4 times. Sew in ends. 

Step 12. The PomPom. Create pompom using white chenille yarn in whatever technique you prefer. I use my hand, wrapping the yarn around my fingers until I reach the thickness I want then carefully pulling yarn from my hand, careful to keep the loops together. Then tie a piece of yarn around the middle, tightly, and snip through both ends of all the loops. I then snip ends until I have the pompom in the size and fluffiness I desire.


Step 13. Sew the pompom to the top of the beanie, careful to not allow any white yarn from your sewing show on the outside of the beanie.

Step 14. Sew in any ends carefully, and you are done!

I hope you have enjoyed making your own Santa Beanie! May it keep your head warm during the festive period.

I can’t wait to see your own Santa Beanies- so please tag @thetwistingtwine on Instagram with your makes 🙂

Merry Christmas, everyone, stay safe over the holidays 🙂
Happy Crocheting!


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