Welcome to The Twisting Twine!

My name is Bec. I am a mum, wife, midwife and obsessive crocheter with an overfondness for yarn.

About Me:

I live, with my hubby of 20 years and our 4 kids, in Sydney, Australia.

We have one very elderly dog, named Belle, whom we fear won’t be with us for much longer 🙁 .

By paid occupation, I am a midwife and registered nurse- and that is about all you’ll hear on that topic here! While I really enjoy my occupation, it pales in comparison to my love of my family and, you guessed it, my yarn 🙂

About Crafting:

I have always been a crafty, artsy person. However as I became a real, proper, grown up individual, I hid a lot of that creativity away. It would come out to play with different activities I would do with the kids, but for the most part I stopped making (sewing, drawing, painting) because I just didn’t have time. Well, to be honest, I didn’t really make time for it. I let myself get waaaaay too busy.

About 8-9 years ago, before baby number 4, a wonderful, midwife colleague of mine taught me to crochet. It was night shift, there were many errors and tangles. Eventually, I worked my way through a throw blanket for each of my (then) 3 kids, and then a baby blanket for our imminently arriving number 4. I loved it! Even though all I knew how to do was chain and double crochet.

A portion of the items crocheted for the family Bedding….

I got busy again, with life outside of craft and crochet, and that creative side seeped away slowly. I gained my Master of Nursing, went into health management, and full time work. My awesome (he’s cringing at that description) husband did the stay-at-home parent role and worked part time. It all worked really well until my health went kaput. No more full time work for me, no more management roles, because the heart guy told me I needed to minimize stress in my life.

You know what is a wonderful stress reliever? Craft and crochet.

I got back into crochet, learning new stitches, learning how to follow an actual pattern (like learning a new language!), and enjoying being creative again.

I found so many inspiring crafters online, with great informative blogs and videos, that have really helped me build on my foundation of chaining and double crocheting.

About The Twisting Twine:

I crocheted enough beanies and scarves for my family that they won’t need anymore for the rest of their natural life…..So I decided that if I was going to crochet items anyway (‘cos I just loved, loved, loved it) then I should test out selling some of my finished items. I nervously set up my Etsy Store. I nail bitingly put some items up for sale.

Then impulsively set up my Instagram profile. I thought to myself, if I’m going to try and sell crochet items, why not just share some pictures of my creations as well? Meet other crafters who loved crafting, and crocheting in particular, as much as I did. So The Twisting Twine (thank you, Kid 2, for helping with the alliterative name) was born.

I’ve now, with slightly less impulsiveness than my Instagram leap, started sharing in even more detail.

The Twisting Twine blog aims to share my craft and crochet journey- I’m not an expert, I am still learning, and I want to be able to share that learning with you (new crochet friend who has made it this far into the “About” post). There will be stitch tutorials, free patterns, and my craft and crochet successes (and failures) shared with you.

So, welcome to the The Twisting Twine, I hope you hang in there.

Let’s see what we can learn together.